Brazilian music meets
Indian music

Cantar Fusing

Brazilian music meets Indian music

Cantar Fusing is a music project that brings together the music of Brazil and India. It was created by London based Brazilian composer and guitarist Gui Tavares.

Cantar Fusing blends classical Indian music, played on sitar and tabla, with musical styles heard regionally across Brazil. Both are expressed with instruments including the 10-string viola caipira, and hand-beaten pander.

Gui’s interest in Indian music started in 2016. By listening carefully to many concerts and meeting Indian musicians Gui discovered the richness of this music. In return, this realisation made more real the idea to blend Indian and Brazilian Music in a project.

“It was surprising for me how interesting and with varying the number of ragas and other elements that have been played for centuries. I always enjoyed listening to Indian music in my life, with no attention to the structure and meaning of the musical phrases. I still have a lot to learn, but giving my contribution to Brazilian music I also have a lot to give”.